Personal Loans

At InstaFinancial, we make personal loans quick and easy!

Unsecured Personal Loans are a great and convenient way of consolidating multiple debts into one convenient lower payment.

Or — you can spend the money as best fits your needs, for a new car, home remodeling, that vacation you've been planning... or anything else you've been wanting.

An InstaFinancial personal loan gives you control over your finances and helps you get back on track quickly.

Why a Personal Loan from InstaFinancial?

As our name implies, we make borrowing quick and easy. We understand that there are many reasons why you may need a loan:

Medical Expenses



New Baby


Debt Consolidation

Home Improvement

Major Appliances

Vehicle Financing

Business Expenses

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An InstaFinancial Personal Loan is Quick

Getting approved for a loan through InstaFinancial can be completed in as quickly as one business day!

Complete the loan application and get a credit decision. If approved, access to your funds can happen within one to four business days. That’s Fast!!!

Funding Your Personal Loan

After your loan is approved and funded, a check written for the entire loan amount will be sent to you overnight. Or, if you prefer, the loan amount can be automatically directly deposited into your bank account.

It’s really that easy.

At InstaFinancial we make getting back on track Fast and Easy!!!

1. Complete a simple on-line application and approval

2. Upload documents and sign

3. Receive your money within 1-3 business days

InstaFinancial — Simple Terms for a Straightforward Personal Loan

Unlike other forms of credit, including credit cards, an InstaFinancial unsecured personal loan means peace of mind.

You benefit from:

No collateral requirements

No balance transfer requirements

No cash-advance fees

No early payoff penalties

Low, fixed monthly payments

A fixed rate for the life of your loan

Control in knowing exactly what you owe and when it will be paid off



Fast Funding

Need cash fast?  Need cash now?

Funds can be available as fast as
1-3 business days.

No Fees. No Catch

No origination fees.
No prepayment penalties.

Your money on your terms.

Easy Experience

Simple application process.
Straight forward terms.

What you see is what you get.


Consolidate bills. Lower monthly payments.

Get back on track with InstaFinancial.



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